How To Add My App To My Profile


I have an expo App that is saved on my Mac book and I would like to be able to access it when I am away from my computer. Currently, the only option I have is to scan the QR code to view my app. Previously, I was able to save my apps to my profile and access them from anywhere. How would I add an existing expo to my profile so that when i log into my profile I can view my app without having to scan the QR code?

Hello! When you publish a project, it should appear under your profile page if you navigate there on your mobile web browser. There’s an “open project using expo” button on the page of each app you’ve published under your profile. Is that helpful?

Let me try now. I appreciate the response.

I do not see how to publish a project. How do I sync my apple computer to my expo profile so that my project is able to be viewed under my profile name? As of now, the only way to view my app is to scan the code using the QR code.


Thank you I got it working.

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