[Expo client for iOS/Android] Access to favourites and projects

I remember seeing a talk about plans to add social discovery and access to favourites to the expo clients – is that the case or was I dreaming? :slight_smile:
Right now you can only access last 6 projects but it would be nice to have more discovery and saving mechanisms.
In line with that, on pages like https://expo.io/@community/native-component-list it would be great to be able to see date of publishing the app – some are up to date, some are old and there’s no way to tell. Field to publish link to github repo would be a cherry on top.

Hi @html5cat, thanks for the feedback, I’ve relayed it to the person who designed our site! We have a feature request list where we continually pop off items to implement. Sounds like your request is most similar to this one. It would be great if you could vote for it, or add a new request (seems like your ask is a bit more nuanced than the link i pasted).


Sounds good. Upvoted, thank you!

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