How do I get rid of the "semantic analysis" while building an apk in react native (expo)?

Hi everone,

It’s my first time posting a question here. I have been trying to build an android apk as described in Build APKs for Android Emulators and devices - Expo Documentation but I come across this error:

I tried searching over stackoverflow but the answers I found were catered towards flutter or reactnative without expo where they say to change the DistributionUrl or go to android directory and all but I have none of those (I only have a node_modules folder). I tried with Chatgpt but it’s not been very helpful. I have cleared all the cache, made all the packages compatible to each other (npx expo install --fix) but nothing seems to work. I tried it on both the server eas build -p android --profile preview and my local computer eas build --platform android --local and both of them give the same error.

Please any help is much appreciated. I really want to see my app come to life.

hi there! i recommend checking out this guide: Troubleshoot build errors and crashes - Expo Documentation

if you’re still stuck after that, there’s some advice at the bottom of the page for how to get help