Google Api Error: Invalid request - Package not found:

Hi folks,

I have the app now up and running on the Apple app store but I am having issues getting up to the Google play store:

I can build it out fine but it’s this I am having issues with:

I can not tell what I am doing wrong here?

Any help would be massively appreciated.



Hey @benjaminthedev, could you share what version of eas-cli you are running as well as what type of project you are building?


Morning Adam,

So I’ve created a react-native app in Expo:

Can you see it here:

Expo or here: Build Details — 10a8a42d-8b6e-417a-9f82-de2f8ce2c76d — directank — Expo

I have the app up and running in the Apple App store but having a hard time getting it to go to the Play Store. I can build it for android just fine and download a .apk but play store is only accepting .aab:

In the console, I get the screenshot in the first post and my version of eas-cli is:

I realise that it says that I need to upgrade. Should I do this first?

Many thanks,