How do I change camera purpose string?

I have been facing a hard time submitting several applications to App Store after June. The main reason for these several app rejections is “Your app requests the user’s consent to access the camera, but doesn’t sufficiently explain the use of the feature in the purpose string”.

Then I added an infoPlist on iOS block on my app.json file which looks like this

I even added expo-camera and expo-image-picker on plugins section of my app.json so as to elaborate the need of accessing and taking user’s image.

Sadly, I still have the message “Allow {{PRODUCT_NAME}} to access your camera” as a purpose string, hence the back-to-back app rejection.

How can I get past this, unfortunately there is no way of contacting expo for help unless I post this here. Thanks in advance.

Hi @babjonii

You can contact them at Contact Us — Expo
If you’re on the free plan then your request will not be prioritised, of course.
There are also links on that page to these forums and Discord.
You also have the option of asking questions on a site like Stack overflow.

Do you have an ios directory in your app? If so, you are on the “bare” workflow and the changes you made to app.json would not take effect.
If you’re on the bare workflow, did you intend to be? If so, just make your changes in Info.plist directly instead of in app.json.
If you intended to be on the managed workflow, then perhaps you have run npx expo run:ios at some point, or maybe npx expo prebuild. If so, then see:

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Thank you very much for the response. Yes I am working on a managed workflow and not the “bare” that’s why I was using app.json to indirectly manipulate the Info.plist file. i have even tried to run expo prebuild so as to get the info.plist and it’s values, of which the values are as I want them to be. I might contact them through the channel you have provided for further assistance.