EXPO sdk build 40.0

hi here, since i made a build: android to get my apk and published my app on the stores, but when i do the map does not appear and the googleSignin also does not work, yet i configured my app. json

Hey @kouems, can you make sure that you passed the appropriate google configs to the project. I know sometimes people will accidentally add a credential from a different project in the google console. Also, can you confirm that you built your binary after configuring your app.json? Publishing alone won’t work for this.

Lastly, it’s never a good idea to share sensitive date like api keys. In the future, I recommend doing something to hide or obfuscate them.


after creating the apk you still have to configure the google console ??

I used the same api key present in my Google console, but so far the map has not been displayed and Google signin either after creating the apk but everything works fine with client expo

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