What's the difference between eas-cli build and expo build for android

We have an application that’s been building with “expo build” working remarkably well. However as this will end it’s support soon, I’m in progress with moving to the new eas-cli. What I am encountering with the apk that is created is the following error.

2022-07-09 00:10:17.550 7854-8247/? E/ReactNativeJS: { [TypeError: Network request failed] line: 110, column: 8201, sourceURL: 'index.android.bundle' }
2022-07-09 00:10:17.567 7854-8248/? E/unknown:ReactNative: TypeError: Network request failed, stack:

What I’m failing to understand is that this only occurs in the apk generated through eas-cli. When testing the build via local bundle on the device or an apk generated via “expo build” everything works properly.

I should also add that the app is using expo version 45. All the testing is conducted on the same device and no code changes are taking place. Only change is what the build method is.