EAS Managed build - missing reactnative so files

Hi Im having this issue with Android builds on the store - Crashlytics reports the error
and the play store wont let us update the app because it sees these errors
From the testers point of view we see nothing
Is there any thing I can add to App.json or packages I can upgrade
I have tried upgrading EXPO from sdk 45 - 46 currently @ “expo”: “^45.0.8”
and both up and down with ReactNative currently @ “react-native”: “^0.68.2”

Fatal Exception: java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: couldn’t find DSO to load: libjscexecutor.so caused by: couldn’t find DSO to load: libreactnativejni.so caused by: couldn’t find DSO to load: libreact_render_runtimescheduler.so caused by: dlopen failed: library “libndk_translation_proxy_libreact_render_runtimescheduler.so” not found result: 0 result: 0 result: 0

Any help appreciated

I have been reading this maybe a Mavern issue and the required files may be in a different location
Am I able to add a resource location URL to Gradle build file using EAS Managed or is there a plugin or would I have to do a prebuild and modify the file manually ?