Get Code Bundled into Xcode Build

I have ejected my app to Expokit, and am wondering if there is a way to get your app code bundled into the Xcode project (so that you don’t need to serve your app through Expo CLI when testing your app)? I’d like to have a standalone Xcode project to get on an iPhone, but this doesn’t seem to be the default with Expokit.

you have to execute expo publish → this builds the files to deploy without having to run expo start.

the test flight version can then be installed and does not need expo cli running

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I have executed expo publish, but Xcode cannot seem to find the URL to my published project to run the app with Expo CLI running. Here is a snapshot of the simulator: ORUtCeMQ

Do I need to add my URL to my project somewhere for Xcode to find it?