Expokit Apps With Native Modules To Apple & Android Stores Manually


I Ejected my app to expokit and added native modules. Right now my app is ready to publish to stores.
I read advanced expokit docs. https://docs.expo.io/versions/v33.0.0/expokit/advanced-expokit-topics/
also after reading another documents, I published my js codes into expo with command “expo publish”.
My js codes are now in expo. After that I just closed my local expo server and try to run my app in local as usual, but it says we “still needs local expo server”.

Questions time now:

  1. What if I archive my expokit app in xcode and send it to itunes connect, after that will it request my js codes from expo’s server or will it still look for a local server, how do I 100% sure about that or how can I test it ?
  2. I want to send my expokit app from xcode to appstore manually, I don’t want to use fastlane or anyting. Can I do it regular archive and send to itunes connect ?
  3. How to test my expo published url in my expokit app before sending it to appstore, or do I need to test my app with expo published url instead my local development url ?

Lastly, EXPO please update your documentations, because we always use expo with native libraries and we need to know how to deploy expokit apps to appstore or android markets without using fastlane or anyting.

Thanks for each answers separately.