Firebase integration

Hi all. I want to get analytics from user: how long did he was in app, switch screen did he see…

But I don’t have google authentication, I don’t need it. How I get integrate it with Firebase and get analytics?



If I understood you, you can install FirebaseAnalytics, but there are some limitations with expo and firebase.

Other modules like Analytics are not supported through the Firebase JS SDK, but you can use expo-firebase-analytics for that. If you’d like access to the full suite of native firebase tools, we recommend using the bare workflow and react-native-firebase, because we cannot support this in the Expo client currently.

The use of Native Firebase Analytics requires that the google-services configuration is bundled and linked into your app. Since the standard Expo Client loads projects on demand, it does not have the google-services configuration linked into its app-bundle.

Instead, the standard Expo client relies on a JavaScript-based implementation of Firebase Analytics to log events. This means that certain native life-cycle events are not recorded in the standard client, but you can still use logEvent to record events.

Into Firebase console, you have to create a project, and after this, you will create an android and/or ios app, when you finish you will have your:

  • google-services.json (android)
  • GoogleService-Info.plist (ios)

You have to add them into app.json. More information for install here.

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