Firebase Analytics requires native Firebase?

This documentation says:

To use this package, the native Firebase configurations need to be added to your app. Please follow this guide on how to set up native Firebase.

Does that mean we need to:

A. Configure AND install native Firebase (i.e. the package here


B. Simply configure the environment for native Firebase, i.e. install the configuration files for iOS and Android.

If (A) is the case, I’m currently using Firebase JS SDK; will I need to migrate, or can I simply install native Firebase for the sake of this expo-firebase-analytics alongside it?

If (B) is the case, the Expo documentation says to simply place the config files in root and point to them in app.json. However, the native Firebase documentation mentions running expo prebuild --clean, which the Expo documentation omits. Do we need to run this?

I’m using Expo 41.0.1
Android + iOS

I using EAS to build custom dev clients for iOS and Android since I need access to in-app payments native code. I’m not sure if this will affect this Google Analytics stuff.

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