Google Analytics SDK Deprecation

Hey everyone!

We wanted to make a quick announcement regarding Google’s deprecation of the Analytics Services SDKs. As it says in their post, this will only impact the native iOS and Android SDKs (the Javascript API will continue to work), and will take effect in October of 2019.

To be clear- this results in no changes to most Expo-users (unless you had either an ejected or bare React Native project using one of the mentioned SDKs), as Firebase will be unaffected.

To read more information regarding this deprecation, why it’s happening, and what it means, here is a detailed blog post on the subject.

Feel free to comment here with any questions!


Hey Charlie, is there a way to use the new firebase analytics with Expo (non ejected)?

Hi @cmacdonnacha! You can read here what the proposed Firebase routes are in terms of Expo managed and bare projects.

Looks like you’d need to be in bare workflow and use react-native-firebase to be able to use the Analytics library (for now, at least, but there was a recent feature request on the firebase-js-sdk repo for analytics support)

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Hi Charlie
I would like to confirm that the javascript API like expo-analytics will not be affected?

Our project is ejected and using the ExpoKit. Will try to use firebase at the same time.

Hey @alanko! That library is not maintained by Expo, thought I’d make that clear, but it doesn’t look like it’s using either of the deprecated SDKs so it won’t be affected!

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