Feature request: output command parameters on interactive commands

I ran into this a couple of times now: the first time you run an eas command, it asks you all kinds of questions, that you interactively answer. Next time, I just want to run the command, but sometimes figuring out the exact parameters and their values can be pretty tricky.

It would be nice if at the end of an interactive command, the CLI would say ‘Want to repeat this command? Run eas build -p ... --profile ... --whatever difficultvalue --etc’ So that you can copy paste that into your package.json as an easily accessible script for next time.

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interesting idea. which of these prompts would you like to be able to answer with flags? eg: apple development team?

Yeah, it’s really more for eas submit than eas build, as build doesn’t have that many configurables. For submit: asc-app-id (especially after creating a new app), and yeah things like team id where it gives you a nice list to chose from in interactive mode would be very handy.

Just anything where the interactive selection is nice the first time, but subsequent times you just want it to run with those same settings.