FCM credentials for different projects

Hi there,

We have two FCM projects for different versions of our app.

If we upload the credentials to the Expo servers of one FCM project for the app com.example.app1, and then switch to build com.example.app2, can we upload the credentials for the other FCM project? Or will it overwrite the credentials stored on Expo’s servers.

Basically, does Expo store one set of FCM credentials globally for the current expo account? Or is it able to store credentials against a specific expo project (from the slug in app.json) and/or the app package name?

Also, does running expo build:android -c overwrite the current uploaded FCM credentials? Or just the local settings for the build options?


FCM key is stored per project and it identified by @username/slug android package is not taken into account here.
Build for android with -c option removes keystore and keystore credentials from expo servers and generates a new random one, don’t use this option if you already uploaded app to play store. For clearing fcm key you need to use push:android:clear.

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