Fatal XDE/EXP Bug on Linux

I posted this problem over in General yesterday without resolution:

Last week, I was using XDE in a very usable fashion. I would press the ‘restart’ button and XDE would:

Start Metro Bundler on some given port X
Indicate the same port X on the exp address next to the cog.
Then I could press the ‘share’ button and see the app run on my phone.

I recently upgrated XDE and the port indicated for the Metro Bundler does not match that on the exp address. It NEVER does, even if I restart. Thus, when I share the project on my phone, there’s no project so the phone hangs. I do get a 500 error because the app’s looking in the wrong spot for a file.

I have a project due today. Help! (This project is now past due and my customer is very angry.)
Also, this problem occurs using exp directly. There is no coordination of ports anymore and NO APPLICATION WILL RUN.

Please help!

I need a resolution to this fatal bug folks. How do I report and get a resolution to this bug?

xde, exp, or xdl issues all go on the client app repository. If you search those issues you may find solutions that help you. If not, you could open a new one for your problem. It will help to include screenshots or the exact text of the error messages, your app.json, what versions of each tool you’re using, as well as the exact steps which reproduce the problem, whether there or here.

I’ll see if I can find a resolution over there.

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