Something went wrong. Packager is not running at ...

Very weird. I had everything working just fine yesterday. My initial problem was actually that it was timing out, but I was able to fix that with a few things…

  1. Adding a rule in windows defender firewall to always allow on local port 19000.
  2. Making sure the network I was on was “private” as in it was able to be detected.
  3. Gave the expo app permission to draw over other apps.
    After doing all those things I was able to get it working just fine yesterday for several hours and several refreshes. I tried again this morning and I got the error mentioned in the title.
    I am running a simple react native app that I created using the XDE and using my android phone to test. In the XDE environment everything appears to be working just fine. Starting metro bundler…Metro bundler ready…Tunnel connected…Project opened!..But it seems like yesterday when it was working it was then saying something like “packaging javascript…” or something like that at the very bottom and it would say that on my phone as well. That appears to be the step it is getting stuck on and I don’t know why. Any help for a total noob on this would be awesome! thank you.
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Sorry please disregard this. I guess my phone had switched networks overnight and was on a different network. Switching to be on the same network as my pc resolved the issue.

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