Metro Bundler failed to start. (code: UNKNOWN)

I installed expo and created a fresh project. I booted up my iOS device and was able to load the app
untouched from the Expo Client.

Then I installed eslint and made a simple text change to the app to see if it would reload.
The expo XDE now gives this error consistently, and the expo client can no longer connect

10:04:18 PM
Starting Metro Bundler on port 19001.
10:04:18 PM
Metro Bundler ready.
10:04:19 PM
Tunnel connected.
10:04:19 PM
Project opened! You can now use the "Share" or "Device" buttons to view your project.
10:04:20 PM
Metro Bundler failed to start. (code: UNKNOWN)

I’ve tried

  • Rebooting
  • uninstalling eslint
  • reinstalling XDE

The expo client says “Could not connect to development server” and gives some steps about starting the React-native root node server. I assume this is what XDE is supposed to be doing.

Other Info:

  • I am running Windows 10.
  • Developing using Windows Subsystem for Linux, where node is installed.
  • I am using Node 8.11.x and npm 6, but XDE gives a warning about npm 5. Looks like its pulling from the windows installation of node, not sure how to fix that
  • It says Metro bundler starts on port 19001, but the connection url shows port 19000

Not sure what to try next, any help appreciated.

So I think I actually figured out the issue. I had installed eslint from a bash shell, which was running from the Linux subsystem on windows. That appears to break metro. I removed node_modules and reinstalled from a cmd shell and everything works.

I guess don’t use bash with XDE on windows.

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