Failed to resolve dependency @babel/runtime@

Hi everyone!

It feels great to be a part of the community. I am having a great time learning how to use snack expo dev for my first app project. And I am not even a developer biut with using ChGPT :slightly_smiling_face:

However, I cannot resolve one error in my code:

Failed to resolve dependency ‘@babel/runtime@^7.21.0’ (Can’t resolve ‘’ in ‘/tmp/snackager/snackager/buildStatus/1/@babel~runtime@7.21.0-ios,android,web/package’)

has anyone had similar problem and resolved it within snack?

It would be of great help.


Hi @lukaslacko

Can you point to the snack you’re having problems with?

Thanks for the reply. Sure, here it is:

Unfortunately, Snack can sometimes be a bit fragile. I am not sure what the problem is in this case, but if you try it locally on your machine instead of in Snack you should not get this error.

Try creating an issue here.

In the part where it asks for a reproducible demo, paste in a link to the snack. If you are able to create a new snack with minimal code and dependencies that also has the same problem that would be even better.