Unable to resolve module 'module://@babel/runtime/helpers/interopRequireDefault.js'

We haven’t been able to get our React Native library to work in Expo Snack. It works in Expo and React Native without issues.

Long story short, we are now on the following error and not sure what to do:
Unable to resolve module 'module://@babel/runtime/helpers/interopRequireDefault.js'

This happens when just importing the dependency.


Evaluating module://@babel/runtime/helpers/interopRequireDefault.js
  Evaluating module://@mappedin/react-native-sdk.js
  Evaluating module://App.js.js
  Loading module://App.js

We don’t use Babel, but just rely on ESBuild + Typescript to bundle code. Not sure why babel is involved here.

Snack: https://snack.expo.dev/@anzorb/9fceec

Thanks in advance!

After some tinkering, we tried ditching ESM as the default export and instead used CommonJS. The target is ES6, which works in Expo and React Native, but still getting an error in Expo Snack:

undefined is not an object (evaluating 'na.default.Easing.Linear')

The target for the library is “ES6”, which I think is where the issue lies. This is likely related to https://forums.expo.dev/t/unable-to-resolve-module-module-babel-runtime-helpers-interoprequiredefault-js-on-expo-snack/66986, where when axios switched from Webpack to Rollup in version 1 (with target es6), it broke expo snack.

Are there any plans to support ES6+ or look into this issue further?

Thanks in advance.

Edit: Updated Snack: https://snack.expo.dev/@anzorb/926046