Facebook SDK Error

Please provide the following:

  1. SDK Version: 38.0.8
  2. Android

I am making react native expo app. I wanted to add FB ads to my app.But I get this error

The SDK version in the ad request is no longer supported for new apps. Please upgrade to one of the latest versions of the SDK

When I run the app again, I get this one

error SyntheticEvent {
“_dispatchInstances”: FiberNode {
“tag”: 5,
“key”: null,
“type”: “ViewManagerAdapter_CTKBannerView”,
“_dispatchListeners”: [Function onError],
“_targetInst”: FiberNode {
“tag”: 5,
“key”: null,
“type”: “ViewManagerAdapter_CTKBannerView”,
“bubbles”: undefined,
“cancelable”: undefined,
“currentTarget”: 1575,
“defaultPrevented”: undefined,
“dispatchConfig”: Object {
“registrationName”: “onAdError”,
“eventPhase”: undefined,
“isDefaultPrevented”: [Function functionThatReturnsFalse],
“isPropagationStopped”: [Function functionThatReturnsFalse],
“isTrusted”: undefined,
“nativeEvent”: Object {
“errorCode”: 1002,
“errorMessage”: “Ad was re-loaded too frequently”,
“target”: undefined,
“timeStamp”: 1599433160964,
“type”: undefined,

Hey @kosl2s, can you share your package.json contents here?


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