Facebook Ads comes back with "Ad was re-loaded too frequently" error

Trying to get Facebook Ads to work and keep getting either “The SDK version in the ad request is no longer supported for new apps. Please upgrade to one of the latest versions of the SDK” or “Ad was re-loaded too frequently” error.

Tried both Interstitial and Banner ads, same behavior.

Does anyone have a working example or an idea what might be going wrong?

Here’s the relevant code:

FacebookAds.InterstitialAdManager.showAd("my placement id")
  .then(didClick => {console.log('click')})
  .catch(error => {console.log(error)})

or for the banner

        placementId="my placement id"
        onPress={() => console.log('click')}
        onError={(error) => console.log('error', error)}

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