FacebookAds not working android

When I tested Facebook ads integration it was working fine, I got the “Your integration works” ad. But when I deployed the project, ads are not showing up. I contacted Facebook for the issue and they told me to update the Facebook SDK. I am currently using latest version of ExpoSDK. Now the issue is when I checked the real advertisers content then it is giving an error:
error Z {
“_dispatchInstances”: FiberNode {
“tag”: 5,
“key”: null,
“type”: “ViewManagerAdapter_CTKBannerView”,
“_dispatchListeners”: [Function onError],
“_targetInst”: FiberNode {
“tag”: 5,
“key”: null,
“type”: “ViewManagerAdapter_CTKBannerView”,
“bubbles”: undefined,
“cancelable”: undefined,
“currentTarget”: 209,
“defaultPrevented”: undefined,
“dispatchConfig”: Object {
“registrationName”: “onAdError”,
“eventPhase”: undefined,
“isDefaultPrevented”: [Function K],
“isPropagationStopped”: [Function K],
“isTrusted”: undefined,
“nativeEvent”: Object {
“errorCode”: 1203,
“errorMessage”: “An unknown error has occurred.”,
“target”: undefined,
“timeStamp”: 1560961147898,
“type”: undefined,

I am a newbie, please help me out.

Hi @notnotparas!

Upgrading the FB SDK is an open issue right now.

Although I should say- I know that FB ads take a couple of days before they start to work.

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