Android Status bar persists for Android SDK 37

SDK Version: 37.0.0
Platforms: Android

I am experiencing some strange behaviour with the latest version of the Expo app. I have updated to Expo 37.0.0 successfully but now see the status bar persist through the application.

I reverted my update to 37.0.0 (back down to 36.0.0) but with the Expo app itself still being updated and saw the issue persisted.

The splash screen takes up the entire screen - but then as soon as that is removed, the content all drops down.

You can also see in the screenshot the additional space left at the top of the Navigation Header - so the SafeAreaView is kicking in somehow.

This issue only seems to persist on Android. The screenshot is Android 7.

Advice appreciated.


I’ve noticed on the new Expo client that the status bar is no longer translucent, even though I haven’t changed any settings and the default is supposed to be translucent ( This setting can mess with spacing and keyboard handling in weird and unexpected ways. In the case of my app, there’s now a status bar’s worth of extra space in my nav headers. I know I used to have workarounds to add back the status bar space but I don’t anymore. Maybe react-navigation has those embedded now? I haven’t had time to investigate more yet, but just wanted to note I’ve also noticed something weird. I should note this is on an Expo 36 app on the newest client.

You could update app.json adding the following entry:

"androidStatusBar": {
  "translucent": true

or use StatusBar imperative API:

StatusBar.setBarStyle('dark-content' / 'light-content');

Check out the following thread:

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