Fetching js source when using ExpoKit

When using ExpoKit, when is the javascript source downloaded from exp://exp.host? And when does the app expect the local dev server to be running?

My experiments say that it depends on the Xcode build configuration on iOS (Debug vs. Release). But it doesn’t seem to be documented anywhere, and I’m lost as to how it works on Android.

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hi there!

this is documented here: https://docs.expo.io/versions/latest/guides/expokit.html#continuing-with-development

Your ExpoKit project is configured to load your app’s published url when you build it for release. So when you want to release it, don’t forget to publish, like with any normal (non-ExpoKit) project.

this is maybe not as clear as it could be, any ideas how we can make it more obvious in docs?

Ah, missed that.

Maybe move the text into its own section that has to do with releasing?

I see now, that It’s also kind-of stated here:

If you decide to distribute your app as an ipa or apk, it will automatically hit your app’s published URL instead of your development XDE url. Read advanced details about your app’s JS url.

But in both the case that you quote, and the above, it doesn’t directly say what the mechanics are.

My take is, that when a developer has already chosen to detach (ie break the abstraction), she’d want to know the dirty details, and avoid any “magic” :slight_smile:

In my case, I really wanted to be able to run the app locally without the dev-server running to make sure everything works. I knew about Release and Debug configs in Xcode, so I was able to work around it, but I’m not as lucky wrt Android :wink:

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