Building javascript bundle finishes on the host but not client

When I connect to the server it starts to build the javascript bundle, I see the counter tick all the way up and then I get the message

12:24:36 PM: Finished building JavaScript bundle in 26712ms

but the client will still be at 0%, building. After a while the % on the phone will jump, sometimes to 100% but usually not and then it just seems to hang.

There’s no error displayed on the console by npm or on the client.

This isn’t a new app, it’s something I’ve been working on, it worked fine the other day. I havn’t updated Expo, installed any new packages via npm or changed any of the code other than removing a console.log().

I’m going to try rebuilding the dependancies & making sure I’m on the latest versions of everything, but in the meantime has anyone else had this problem?

Hi! There are a few ways this sort of thing can happen. Can you provide some more information about your project and dev environment?

  • phone OS? physical or simulator?
  • computer OS
  • are you using the tunnel, LAN, or localhost settings?

It’s a physical phone, a Nexus 5x running the latest version of Android 8.1

The OS on the host is OSX High Sierra (10.13.3), running on a 2012 Macbook Pro

and I’m running it across my local LAN.

Also, it seems to work better, I get connected more often, if I connect the phone to the laptop using USB and then try the LAN.

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