EXPO XDE Going White Windows 10

I have recently started up with Expo again after some time off. When opening a previous project, the XDE goes solid white, immediately after “Metro Bundler Ready” is displayed. This also occurs on new projects as well. I have uninstalled and reinstalled expo ide twice and am now using version v2.24.4. Has anyone else experienced this issue? If so, how can I correct?

The issue also occurs after Logging Out. It will display the login form and then go white.

Hey @fdrhoward,

If you would prefer to continue using XDE, can you try opening Electron’s devtools by going to View -> Toggle DevTools and see if that helps reveal anything.

My personal recommendation would be to start using our new expo devtool which provides a much better experience: Announcing Expo Dev Tools (beta). The features of a command line tool… | by Jimmy Lee | Exposition



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