Windows 10 issue(s) with XDE

When I initially installed XDE, (2.19.2) it started up successfully and allowed me to create a project. After closing the app XDE would no longer open up. Un/re-installed several times but always end up with the same result.

Downloaded latest version (2.19.3) and this time XDE didn’t even open up following install.

Not sure where the log file, if any, is located so have no idea what’s happening. I can see, in task manager that the app starts but then it just sits there doing nothing.

Any ideas on how I can track this down?

Inside of your home directory, there should be a .expo directory that has some logs in it. You could also try uninstalling XDE, restarting your computer, and reinstalling it.

Uninstalled XDE, VirtualBox and Genymotion and rebooted before re-installing XDE.

XDE installed without issues and allowed me to create a project but, after closing XDE, I can no longer get it to run again.

There is no log in the .expo folder but I can see two processes start in task manager – it doesn’t do much before just sitting there using no resources whatsoever.

Am at a loss to see what else I can do at this stage. Will try going through the process again but as a development experience it sucks, sorry to say.

A follow up to my previous response.

After multiple install/uninstall attempts I finally got XDE 2.19.3 to install successfully. Appears to have created the appropriate files and folders.

Unfortunately after the initial, automatic, open of XDE I still can’t get it to open up again. Shows as starting in task manager and then just sits there doing nothing.

Doesn’t look as though I’ll be using Expo any time soon….

Interesting. Has it created any of the log files in the .expo directory?

The only files in the .expo folder are an empty log file and a state.json file. I can’t be sure if there were more files in the folder immediately after install.

I’ll go through the process again and get back to you.

OK – has taken several attempts tp re-install. Finally reverted to 2.19.2 and that installed successfully. Created .expo folder but log file is still empty. Created a new app and was surprised to see that I had 6 processes running as opposed to 2.

After creating an app .expo folder has additional files but log file was still showing as empty. Double clicked and lo and behold 32kb of log entries.

Managed to start app on Android Studio emulator.

Not sure what’s going to happen after closing everything, will keep it open for now so I can play around.

Interesting. Feel free to send me logs as a direct message on the forums here if you run into further issues. Thanks for the update!

I am having the same or a very similar issue with version 2.20.1.
I installed it and it didn’t start, I rebooted the PC and it started, I created a new project, connected the Android client and quit. I tried then to restart XDE with no success, even after rebooting again.
There are 1 or 2 Expo XDE active processes, doing nothing.
.expo log and other files show the activity related the single time Expo XDE worked.
Thanks for any help

I experienced this issue described and found that a foreign-language machine might have something to do with the problem. The problem as I experienced it was after installing Expo XDE for Windows 10 and attempting to launch the program nothing happened except seeing one or two processes called Expo appearing in the Task Manager.

The OS I’m using is Windows 10 originally in Norwegian, I was using on top of this the built-in Windows 10 english-language translation. After turning off the language-translation reverting to the original language I tried opening Expo again and it worked without any problems

Hi. XDE was deprecated ages ago. You should use expo-cli instead.

About VirtualBox/Genymotion… I can’t help with that. I assume that’s for running Android emulators? Can you install Android Studio instead?