No output on Expo screen

I do not get any output after upgrading the expo version.

As you can see, nothing is printed on the Expo screen. What should I do?

Did you try quitting and reopening XDE?
Try hitting Ctrl-Alt-I or Ctrl-Shift-I and seeing if it opens the debugger. Maybe there is a message there?

If that doesn’t illuminate anything, try deleting your .expo directory in your homedir and quitting and reopening XDE.

If that doesn’t do anything try restarting your computer.

If that doesn’t do anything, try uninstalling and reinstalling XDE.

These are the best ideas I have.

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Thank you for your reply. However, I tried reinstalling it in the way you answered it, but it does not work as you can see. What should I do?

Can you confirm that you tried deleting the .expo directory from your home directory and restarting XDE?

I deleted the .expo from your homedir and ran it again, but the screen is not displayed again after the login window is output

Same issue for me. It takes a while for application to start and when it does, screen is empty. The only log I could get is this:

{“name”:“expo”,“hostname”:“DESKTOP-BH73DEK”,“pid”:10248,“type”:“global”,“level”:50,“err”:{“message”:"0: ",“name”:“Error”,“stack”:“Error: 0: \n at fail (C:\Program Files\Expo XDE\resources\app\node_modules\auth0-js\index.js:314:17)\n at C:\Program Files\Expo XDE\resources\app\node_modules\auth0-js\index.js:342:5\n at error (C:\Program Files\Expo XDE\resources\app\node_modules\reqwest\reqwest.js:375:36)\n at XMLHttpRequest. (C:\Program Files\Expo XDE\resources\app\node_modules\reqwest\reqwest.js:102:11)”},“msg”:"0: ",“time”:“2017-09-04T09:08:59.588Z”,“v”:0}

Tried uninstalling and reinstalling multiple times. I’m using Windows 10.

That’s very helpful, thank you. Unfortunately I won’t have a chance to investigate until tomorrow. Until we can resolve this, are you able to use the exp cli tool?

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