Expo Version number not updated on OTA updates


As per the documentation some native configuration can’t be updated by publishing:

If you make any of the following changes in app.json , you will need to re-build the binaries for your app for the change to take effect: …

In the list Version is not marked: [https://docs.expo.io/versions/v35.0.0/workflow/publishing/#some-native-configuration-cant-be-updated-by]

However when an update is published, the Version is not updated.

Is it possible to know if documentation needs updating or otherwise I should get the Version updated?
Note: in my case the OTA update is correctly downloaded and reflected in the app.

Thanks for your help confirming correct behaviour.

I was always under the impression that any changes to app.json required new builds pushed to the app stores…but I could be mistaken.

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Hi @nicolas_k . Not sure if this helps:

Based on the comments in that thread I think the version from app.json is not updated in the app for OTA updates.

See also this comment from @llamaluvr:

thanks. I’ve seen that one before. I’ve ended up updating a manual progressive OTA publishing version in my system information section of the app (www.resolutz.com), similar to what @llamaluvr has done, but without script. However I believe the documentation still should be updated for clarity.

is this true? I modified the app.json I am looking for information regarding what is the best approach

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