expo start work, build apk too but build aab doesn't work


When I test my app with “expo start” command line it work fine so I build it with “eas build”. Build work fine to. But when I publish it for internal test on play store my app doesn’t work. On IOS it work fine with the same build.

  • When I try to build android app with “expo build:android” with aab option, it doesn’t work to.
  • When I build android app with “expo build:andoid” with apk option, it work fine

Aab seems to be buggy. Have you any idea why ? I want to build with eas service in order to get better size app. With eas service have you an option to build in apk ?

I use this APIs :

  • react-native-webview
  • expo-notifications
  • expo-secure-store
  • expo-device
  • expo-web-browser

Thanks for your help.
Best regards

What do you mean by “it doesn’t work”? We have a guide to debugging production app errors here that you should follow to investigate this issue more- Debugging - Expo Documentation

This should be due to cache problem or anything like that. I remove data app et force to close I restart and it’s ok…

SOOOO strange.

Where is solved button in this forum ?