Expo build is successful but aab file not opening on device.

Hi, I successfully built the android app using EAS and downloaded it on my phone. But the file isn’t opening. I’m new to mobile development. Can someone tell me where I am going wrong?

Hi @varumi

While it’s possible to convert a .aab to a .apk to install on an Android device, it’s a bit tricky.
If you want to test an app on your device before submitting it to the Play Store then it’s easier to build a .apk and install that.

The default eas.json has a preview profile that will build a .apk that you can install on your device.

i.e. something like:

eas build --platform android --profile preview

When you are ready to submit it to the Play Store you should build a .aab file and submit that.

eas build --platform android --profile production

Thank you! This worked. Will keep this in mind next time I’m building for internal testing.


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