Expo Segment Analytics

Dear Expo,

I have read through https://docs.expo.io/versions/latest/sdk/segment/ to setup analytics that will appear in Segment io. All is setup and the events are showing up on the segment.io admin dashboard. However I want this data to be shown in firebase or google analytics.

Segment recommends me to setup a destination so the data will be routed to the desired platform. However I am aware that google is deprecating their mobile sdks soon in favor of Firebase. This introduces problems for expo in my opinion. As firebase uses native modules and this can not be used for NON-ejected expo apps. (a.k.a. fully managed expo apps)

This is the tutorial about setting up Firebase destination for segment. (it’s an ejected app, right?)
segment docs firebase, can’t post more than 2 urls in one post

Concrete question is:
How can I setup a destination to firebase or Google Analytics without having to eject the expo app?


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