expo configuration with segment and firebase

Hello community,

I would like to kindly ask for help in configuring expo app with Segment.
I followed the instructions in https://docs.expo.io/versions/latest/sdk/segment/ to set up segment analytics.

Some information:

  1. I am running the application on android and ios platforms.
  2. I read that google analytics for mobile needs to be done now through firebase so I configured Segment with an android app as a source and firebase analytics as a destination
  3. I copied to the project the “google-services.json” that firebase conjures for you after you create a project and I put it in the root folder of the project as instructed.
  4. I installed the expo-analytics-segment package.
  5. I initiated with the command as in the instructions, Segment.initialize with valid androidWriteKey and sent the identity + some custom events
  6. I configured some custom events in firebase

Now the thing is that the data is sent and I even see it in the admin dashboard in segment but for some reason, it doesn’t transfer to firebase.

When I added firebase as a destination in segment, there was no place to configure any credentials in the dashboard for the firebase so I figured that the google-services.json that I downloaded before is doing the magic for you.

Currently, I am stuck, have no clue how to proceed, did I missed something?
Did anyone manage to do something familiar?

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