Expo SDK 0.33 OTA updates broken

We have a live application on the Play Store and have just updated to SDK0.33. We have to push a bug fix out ASAP but the usual expo build:android is doing the build, but the auto OTA updating it used to do isn’t working anymore.

I’ve done some researching and we don’t seem to be the only people with this issue. Even followed the suggestion to this persons query on this thread: https://www.reddit.com/r/reactnative/comments/c14dfz/importbuild_issues_from_upgrading_to_expo_033/ with expo update but that doesn’t seem to have updated either. I’ve downloaded the build and updated it manually to the Play Store as a new live release but changes aren’t reflecting…

Please could someone help? What’s changed with regards to the app building?

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Hey @peakik,

Can you ensure that the release channel you’re publishing to hasn’t changed? Also, expo update isn’t a command. Did you see that referenced somewhere from us?


Hi @adamjnav ,
I meant expo upload (expo upload:android --key) not expo update.

I’ve got it working again. Basically I had to download the build from expo build:android and manually upload it to the play store again. After a day and a half the changes took effect and the play store prompted me to update the app. This update had all the new changes and from there on all expo build’s performing updates OTA as before.

Seems as if whenever you update expo SDK you have to manually reupload it to play store because otherwise it’s pushing to the wrong thing.

Ah, yeah when you upgrade SDK versions you’ll have to create a new build and submit it. Also, the clients that received the OTA update is determined by, among other things, the SDK version. You can see this flow chart for a visual aid.

Hi Adam,

I’ve also encountered the same issue with a fully updated SDK 33 and new build. Every time I use the OTA it doesn’t update iOS properly. The same errors that were updated will continue to appear.

Using Sentry it will show that the code is updated, but the actual error is the same error that was before the code was updated.

Android works normally.


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