[EXPO PUSH TOKEN] with same token, is it possible to make it not work in a specified envionment?

Hey, Guys,

What problem we are encountering:
we dump the database data which have push token from product to staging.
now when test on staging, the push event is pushed to production user as the token is dumped too.

What I want to do:
Make the token copied from product not work on staging.
But the token created by staging should work to allow we to test with our tester’s own devices.

Now we have to remove the token data when dumpling.

What I am thinking is:
product is in an expo project MY_PRODUCT which enable push Security.
staging is in an expo project MY_STAGING which disable push Security.

I am not sure if that will work, as I am not very clear what the push Security will affect the token.

@expo-team Anyone can help?

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