Recreating app will it still maintain push notifications etc?

I have been using the same app since Expo v37 - I want to now recreate the whole app for an upgrade. Rather then follow incremental migration to each version. Is it ok to do npx create-expo-app my-app, will push notifications continue to work with same tokens given in older versions?

Will permissions the user granted etc persist? I’ll keep all ids etc the same.

Hey @noitidart, yeah push notifications will continue to work fine with the same tokens.

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Thanks very much. Even all the permissions the user has granted? I can’t think of anything else to ask specifically, just worried. I do want to rebuild from scratch. Really appreciate your comment.

Yes, everything will work, but remember that you have to use the same credentials and keystores to sign the application.


To add to what the others have said already, make sure the ios.bundleIdentifier and android.package are the same as the old app. If you keep these and the app’s slug and credentials the same as the old app then as far as Expo, Apple and Google are concerned, it’s the same app.


Oh got it thanks all! I’ll make sure to run commands to verify the credentials are correct. I’ll share back what I do here, will work on this in the next month or so.

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