Migrating from Expo push tokens to device push tokens

Hi Expo team!

Expo is an awesome way to get started and the push notifications really helped us get going. As we’re now growing we need a more fully featured solution for push notifications so we’re migrating to a third party solution that requires device push tokens. We’ll start collecting device tokens moving forward but we’ve got a large number of Expo tokens for existing users that we would ideally be able to migrate. Is this something the Expo team can help with?


Hey @afavaro, I’m inclined to believe this isn’t something we can provide an elegant solution to but I’ll bring it up internally and see what guidance we can provide. With that said, don’t expect a response until after the new year/holiday break as this will take some internal deliberation.


Thanks for looking into it @adamjnav!

Hi @adamjnav, happy new year to you and the Expo team! Just wanted to follow up here to see if you’ve had a chance to discuss a possible solution with the team at all. Appreciate your help.


Hi @adamjnav, I wanted to check in here one more time to see if there’s any update from the Expo team. Thanks again for your assistance.


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