Expo publish not working with SDK 44

We have migrated some projects to SDK 44 and app updates via expo publish are no longer being installed. Seems also related to eas-cli versions. Anyone have similar problems?

Here’s a summary:

// this configuration works
SDK 43
eas-cli : 0.34.1
expo-cli : 5.0.3

// this configuration does not work
SDK 44
eas-cli : 0.42.4 (latest)
expo-cli : 5.0.3

Have you already solved it? I’ve got the same issue with a new app based on SDK 44 and i used EAS.

Hi - I ended up reverting to 43…, hoping that others may have a solution

Facing same problem. Did you find any solution.

Seeing the same thing, has anyone found a fix? Android OTA works fine, but can’t get iOS to update through expo publish.