expo prebuild leads to 'IPHONEOS_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET' is set to 8.0

expo init testproj --template expo-template-blank-typescript
expo prebuild
xcodebuild -workspace testproj.xcworkspace -scheme testproj -configuration Release -allowProvisioningUpdates  build

leads to:

/Users/reto/tmp/testproj/ios/Pods/Pods.xcodeproj: warning: The iOS deployment target 'IPHONEOS_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET' is set to 8.0, but the range of supported deployment target versions is 9.0 to 14.5.99. (in target 'boost-for-react-native' from project 'Pods')

I think prebuild should set this up correctly, but as a workaround, is it save to set all 114 occurences of IPHONEOS_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET to 11.0 in ios/Pods/Pods.xcodeproj/project.pbxproj?