Expo JS bundle production IP blocked in Russia

During last few days russian gov blocked huge amount of Google and Amazon cloud infrastructure :man_facepalming:

As a result we have Expo production JS bundle urls blocked and now its only accessed through VPN which is not an option for already deployed apps ofcourse.

I see two options from here

  1. Self host Expo JS bundle. But as i understood this feature is not supported by Expo
  2. In production ios/android builds override manifestUrl so that it points to a server that hosts reverse proxy pointing to actual Expo JS bundle url such as exp://exp.host/@username/appname. But i’m not sure if it will solve the issue

It would be very helpful to have some comment on this issue from Expo team.

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Hi! We’re interested in supporting self-hosting, but it’ll take us some work to get there.

Can you open an issue on github with some more specific information about what kind of API you think we’d need to expose to support you here?

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