Production deployment on own server

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as I wrote on slack, will it be possible to deploy the bundle on an own server or s3 bucket?
For a production lifecycle and privacy I think it will be very important

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Hi @bkodd, currently Expo projects are all served from the Expo server. Letting people self-host is something we’ve thought about several times – while it would require work on Expo, we’ve made decisions along the way that would keep open the possibility of self-hosting.

I posted a more detailed explanation of our services, including the reliability of security of them, here. You might find it interesting to read: A little post about the reliability, security, and performance of Expo services

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@ide, thanks for your deeper article about the expo enviroment.
it is good to know that you handle verification for your manifest files.

for me it is still a topic that the bundle file is served from outside germany.
We have a strong privacy law and our customer are trusted in that.
the real “data” are served over an api inside germany, thats ok.

it is perfect that expo don’t close the decision for self hosting, because
for some projects it could be show stopper in the future.
for example the first question to myself was, what happend if expo will
quit in 5 years? even with your push service.

thanks a lot to hole expo team, to build such a great solution!

@ide, one more thing :slight_smile:

If I’m right expo will check even as stand alone app on every startup the remote bundle url
and download it after success run it. If there will be an error it will the cached one, correct?
(what is the timeout?)

will it be an idee to open this for configuration (exp.json), if not already exist (Expo.Util.reload()):

  • please check only every 24 hours
  • please check in background, first use the cached one and on next start use the new one
  • hot replace, like now
  • compare manifest versions

Thanks for that post about how your services are working.

Is this something that could be open sourced? I have some experience with AWS and build servers and would love to help with making this a possibility.

I would like to know too what happens with already deployed apps if Expo would not exist anymore. I think published apps on Expo platform are expected to stop working, but what about built apps?
For example an apk file is expected to work anytime anywhere as it is a self contained package even without a server connection. It would not load data but the app would start.

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In china, we also have this need to host js bundle in china, because china have Great Fire Wall !!! which make app user experience extremely slow while app loading js bundle from expo servers…

could expo team reconsider this need ?


Hi @ide, that’s a great read, thanks for putting it together :slight_smile: Is the Expo team planning on open sourcing the Expo server components too at some stage? Thanks!

Hi, we aren’t planning on open sourcing the server since it has a lot of dependencies on various systems e.g. user accounts and infrastructure e.g. Google Cloud.

Hello @ide,

I would like to know the current progress of this request ? If it’s available already can you send me a how-to manual so I can follow it in order to build the application on my own server ?

@bkodd, Have you figure it out ?


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