Expo.io Update Services Down

Please provide the following:

  1. 39.0.0
  2. iOS Android

Hey guys, I have several “legacy” applications. I pushed out an update to fix a certain issue to keep the app functioning. This OTA is not being sent.

It seems like the Expo has changed its domain name to expo.dev from expo.io for their services and the appropriate redirect is not being sent for those relying on older SDK versions. A simple redirect would do a lot!

we have the same problem also addressed in this post since of today our app hangs at startup and at the point wanting to push ota to place an under maintanance mode screen the update doesn’t get downloaded: expo-update server down?

Hi @sethusenthil

Yes, they changed to expo.dev from expo.io (I think about a year ago), but they did set up redirects. Maybe they missed a redirect specific to updates, but it seems unlikely that it would not have been noticed in such a long time. Also, the fact that you and @vavemain suddenly noticed today makes me think that whatever is causing the problem, it’s recent. (Assuming that you are both experiencing the same problem.)

Do you by any chance know the exact URL that the app is trying to fetch?

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