expo-update server down?

Please provide the following:

  1. SDK Version: 42
  2. Platforms(Android/iOS/web/all): all
  3. expo-updates

Is there a problem with expo publish servers? Since about 2-3 hours ago our app gets stuck at the splashscreen during step Updates.checkForUpdateAsync()

We found out after publishing a new code with just a screen showing that we are under maintanance that that code is not updated also on both ios and android

UpdatesModule: Failed to download manifest from URL: Expo

Hi @vavemain

EDIT: I have an app built with EAS Build and using classic updates (expo publish rather than eas update). That seems to be working fine at the moment. The fact that you’re getting a “Not found” error seems to imply that maybe you don’t have an update available might mean you don’t have an update available for the given runtime (e.g. Expo SDK version). Also, I would expect the checkForUpdatesAsync() call to return a promise that rejects if the URL doesn’t exist. Are you handling that case?

Is the classic updates or EAS updates? Did you publish with expo publish or eas update?
I suspect it’s classic updates, but don’t know too much about how it all works under the covers.

What channel/releaseChannel is the app built for?

Does expo-cli publish:history or npx expo publish:history (or eas update:list --all) show you what you expect to be there?

Was the app built with expo build:android / expo build:ios or eas build?
What is the Expo SDK version?

We built the app last year with expo build:ios & expo build:android… we published with expo publish and the expo publish:history has stuff in it we did today

It’s strange that the manifest updates can’t be found on expo servers?

Please try it now. Apparently the Expo team has made some changes and some users on discord have verified that it fixed the problem for them.

We have identified the issue, and have resolved this.
For more details on the incident, please visit Expo Status - Classic updates not served from expo.io.

Yes the problem has been resolved thank you guys :+1::pray:

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