expo-image won't show SVG on iOS 17 public beta 4

SDK Version: 48
Platform: iOS 17 (public beta 4)
Package: expo-image

Hi, can anyone please confirm, that expo-image (using v1.2.3) on iOS 17 public beta 4 won’t display SVG images loaded via useAssets hook. It worked on public beta 3 and lower, and is working on iOS 16 and lower.
This issue only exists on public beta / developer beta 6 of iOS 17 for my app.

I will try to update SDK and expo-image and will update here if it helps, but for now it seems as iOS bug. PNG assets are working without issues.

[UPDATE] Expo SDK 49 and expo-image 1.3.2 is the same - SVG won’t display.

Github issue: [expo-image] won’t show SVG on iOS 17 public beta 4 · Issue #23997 · expo/expo · GitHub

Issue is confirmed and it seems that all SVG images are affected, not only SVGs loaded via useAssets hook.

Resolved by iOS 17 public beta 5 / developer beta 7

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