Image doesn't show in IOS

Hai, I try require and preload image in Expo but image dosen’t show in IOS.
I try many way to show image in Ios. I try onLoad in image, require and preload asset. But nothing changes and image local file dosen’t show too. I tired to try and anyone have idea to show local image in my asset?

Hi @auliaafriza,

May I know how did you reference your asset images?

import IMAGES from ‘./…/…/assets/images/NoImage.png’;
hai, I have asset image in my project so import that file like that, and I try like this

Platform.OS == ‘android’
: require(’./…/…/assets/images/NoImage.png’)
opacity: this.state.opacity,
transform: [
scale: this.state.opacity.interpolate({
inputRange: [0, 1],
outputRange: [0.85, 1],

onLoad = () => {
Animated.timing(this.state.opacity, {
toValue: 1,
duration: 200,
useNativeDriver: true,

and I try apploading preload

async _cacheResourcesAsync() {
const images = [IMAGES, IconFood, IconStar, IconClock, IconStir, IconSeat];

const cacheImages = => {
  return Asset.fromModule(image).downloadAsync();
return Promise.all(cacheImages);


like that and my image still doesn’t show
thank you

Hi @auliaafriza,

Try to check your image if it is able to resolve the correct path and also try to remove the ternary expression in the source as your trying to load the same image.

I load same image in android no problem but in IOS the load its too long. Do you have any idea?

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