Expo Go with release bundle


I don´t understand how to identify what kind of bundle (between Dev and Release) the “expo start” command launch on the simulator or device.
I know that in a bare workflow, when we launch a build (on simulator or real device) with the command :
react-native run-(android|ios) --variant=release
we get a release build but how can we achieve a release bundle for testing without passing through channels or EAS builds ?


Auto reply…
Writing this post gives me the idea : expo start -h
It gives me the --no-dev option to disabled the dev build, i guess this is what in need ?

check out this page: Development and Production Mode - Expo Documentation

Thanks @notbrent for the link but I’ve searched on the expo doc site for words like “release and build” and it doesn’t show up this interesting page :slightly_frowning_face:
I’d have done better to type “production” instead…