Is there a way to detect if the client is a custom development client?

I’d like to be able to discern between a build from testflight (built with EAS in action) and a build for a dev client. Ideally, I was thinking of having two app images (to quickly tell the two apart) and possibly two app bundle ids; something like and so I could have both the testflight “prerelease” build and the development client at the same time. I figure using an app.config.js could be a good way to achieve this. I thought about using the DEV variable but I can’t use it there.

a (hacky) workaround I thought of was using a string find/replace script depending on the type of build and having a workspace variable, but I could see that getting hard to maintain. What are your thoughts?

Hi @rc04

I think different bundle IDs might be the way to go. Here’s some info on doing that:

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This was exactly what I was looking for! Thank you!!!

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