Bare workflow production build steps

I recently ejected to bare, and im struggling to find any documentation that explains the process in making a release build for both platforms . to my understanding expo build:android ,expo build:ios only applies to managed expo projects. but what about bare? what are the steps needed to build from xcode and android studio?


I don’t know if this is really what you need but, did you go on the react-native documentation and click on the tab “React Native CLI Quickstart”?

For environment setup ->
For publishing:
Android ->
iOS -> Guides (iOS) from the left navigation panel?

I followed environment setup for android and I installed and configured the react-native-unimodules package but I’m stuck because the build doesn’t work when I npx react-native run-android (See my post here).

If you’re talking about a release build, perhaps my answer doesn’t fit your needs :thinking: . If you have anything to help me I would appreciate :slightly_smiling_face: