Expo Go App Simulator Crashes - M2 Air

I recently bought a new M2 Air (note I’m not using Rosetta 2, rather avoid this if possible) when I run the Expo Go simulator it just crashes. It runs fine if I build and install the app directly on the device. So this seems to be a problem only with the Expo Go app itself.

I tested on a fresh expo project as well so it’s fairly straightforward to reproduce.

Here is a quick demo:
2022-11-25 19.54.13

Ughh never mind, I guess Expo knew I was talking about it because 10minutes after posting this it works.

I’m not sure if it’s because these steps I did but I’ll list them:

  1. Quit my local npx expo start (i.e. dev server)
  2. Opened the Expo Go app on the Phone (now it didn’t crash)
  3. Restarted my local dev server
  4. Entered the URL manually

For some reason after doing this it has continued to work :person_shrugging: . I’m going with the theory that Expo Go knew I was posting about it on here :laughing:

We can probably close this unless others are having similar issues.